Last chance to see “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit”!

Tonight is the final performance of Best of PlayGround 22 at Potrero Stage, and there are still tickets for sale! Check it out, see my short play “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit”, and stay for my writer talkback after the show. I hope to see you there!

sht farming


Closing weekend for “Best of PlayGround 22” AND announcing “ShortLived VII”!


Two great pieces of news today: this upcoming weekend, Thursday May 24th- Sunday May 27th is the closing weekend of Best of PlayGround 22 and the last chance to see my 10-minute play, “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit”. The entire Festival of New Works will continue to run until June 17th, but this is your last chance to see these six great plays arranged and performed together in San Francisco.



I am also thrilled to announce my newest news: my 10-minute play “Maybe This Time” has been chosen as part of ShortLived VII, a short-play competition in San Francisco where eight rounds of six plays each compete to get to the finals and win the Grand Prize of $5,000. There are a lot of wonderful playwrights and troupes participating, and I hope anyone in the Bay Area will be able to visit and show their support, by attending and voting for their favorite.

“Maybe This Time” will be performed in Round 3, running from Thursday, June 28th-Saturday, June 30th. Buy your tickets here and vote for your favorite show of the night!

Two weeks left to see “Best of PlayGround 22”!

The opening weekend of The Best of PlayGround 22 went amazingly, and I am so thrilled to have had the chance to see my piece, “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit” grow over the rehearsal and preview process. There are two weekends left to get tickets, so I encourage any Bay Area folks to check it out and support your local theater-makers.

The entire Festival of New Works runs from May 10th-June 17th.


One Week until “Best of PlayGround 22”!

The first preview of Best of PlayGround 22, including my short script “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit”, opens in one week:

Thursday, May 10th at Potrero Stage, San Francisco

Previews on Thursday and Friday are presented on a Pay-What-You-Can basis, starting at $6, and Opening Night will be on Saturday, May 13th.


Buy your tickets now and get ready to see six amazing new short plays in the Bay Area!

Bay Area friends, come see my short play “Sh*t Farming For Fun and Profit” at the PlayGround Festival of New Works

I am thrilled to announce that my ten-minute play, “Sh*t Farming for Fun and Profit”, has been chosen for presentation in the 22nd PlayGround Festival of New Works. Along with five other short plays, “Sh*t Farming” will be presented as part of the Best of PlayGround collection, the top picks from the past year of Monday Night PlayGround in San Francisco.


Best of PlayGround will be running from May 10th through 27th, with tickets available now. I will post more about it as we get closer, but I want to spread the word. This will be one of my first professional stagings of a piece, and I could not be more excited. I welcome anyone in the San Francisco area to join me and see a great night of new theater.

Watching Resolution: “Love, Simon” (2018)

  1. A film released in 2018: Love, Simon (2018)

love simon

List Progress: 3/12

There are enough reviews for Love, Simon out there that if you want to know factual information about the movie, you can find it. So I am going to talk about the experience of seeing it in the theater.

I saw Love, Simon in a theater in the San Francisco Bay Area with my girlfriend sitting next to me. A few rows ahead of us, there were a handful of teenagers in the audience. We were fairly far forward, so I cannot speak a lot to the entirety of the audience, but I can say that those teenagers were having an intense emotional experience.

Lots of “awww’s”, both over cute moments and sad ones. Lots of vocal cringing and groaning during uncomfortable scenes. And at the reveal of the love interest’s identity, one impassioned shipper murmured “nooo” as her OTP was apparently crushed. It was like seeing someone’s fandom introduction play out in real time, and it was a feeling that I remember vividly and fondly from my own younger years. And getting to see that happen over a mainstream queer film meant a lot to me.

Love, Simon is a fluffy teenage rom-com with charming actors and some clever writing, nothing more, nothing less. But in a cinematic landscape of heartbroken dead queers, I will always take it. And I wish there had been more of it around when I was a kid.


Would I Recommend It: Buy a bag of popcorn and sit back for some good fluff.