“Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2016” Now for Sale

The Summer 2016 issue of Mad Scientist Journal is now for sale!


My short story, “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Volcano”, is included in this anthology. It is a continuation of the horrifying adventures in captivity of Dr. Elizabeth Chu, first relayed in the Spring 2016 issue.

The collection is available for purchase on:

13 exceptional science fiction & fantasy short stories

Maria Haskins


It seems I had lots of time to read short fiction this past month, because my shortlist of “great speculative short fiction I read online” is even longer than usual. I’ve tried to keep each list to nine stories, but this month it was impossible, so I went with 13 instead. So many fantastic stories, so many fantastic zines, sites, and writers.

Bearskin, by Angela Slatter at The Dark. Angela Slatter is one of my favourite writers right now, and this short fantasy story is a brilliant showcase of her skills. Dark, lustrous prose, and a tale that weaves together both horror, sadness, and bits of joy. It’s beautiful stuff, and it made me cry: definitely a story that I keep turning over in my mind long after reading it.

All The Colors You Thought Were Kings, by Arkady Martine at Shimmer. This is an astonishing science fiction…

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“Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2016” now for sale!

The Spring 2016 issue of Mad Scientist Journal is now for sale!


My short story “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Kraken” is a piece of this wonderful funny anthology, and has received a shout out on the cover, enticing readers with the promise of “Crocheting Krakens?”

Right now the collection is available at Amazon (Print/Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Print/NOOK), Kobo, iBookstore, and Smashwords!

Review of “The Former Minion’s Support Group”

Rachel Acks, the editor of the “No Sh!t, There I Was” Anthology, has been writing quick reviews of the stories included in the collection in order to spread news about the Kickstarter. And yesterday was my turn to have my work promoted! Visit her blog to see a review and promotion of my short sci-fi story, “The Former Minion’s Support Group”.

And while on the topic, a reminder that there are less than two weeks left to support the “No Sh!t, There I Was” Kickstarter. Pledge any amount in order to support 24 different writers coming together for one amazing anthology.


“No Sh!t, There I Was” Anthology Kickstarter is Live

The Kickstarter for Alliteration Ink’s upcoming collection, “No Sh!t, There I Was- An Anthology of Improbable Tales”, has just gone live. I am thrilled to announce that I have a story included in this collection, a short sci-fi piece titled “The Former Minions Support Group”.


I encourage everyone to share this funding project around, or better yet, contribute to the project. You can earn all sorts of wonderful rewards as a backer, first and foremost the chance to read 24 different sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories by 24 authors, including yours truly, Alanna McFall. Take a look and help Alliteration Ink make this anthology a reality.

“Singing to the Stars” Published on Escape Pod

I am thrilled to announce that my short story, “Singing to the Stars”, has now been published on Escape Pod, part of the Escape Artist network. On their site, you can either read the story in its entirety, or listen to a recording of it in Ep520 of the Escape Pod podcast.

“Singing to the Stars” follows the story of two female bureaucrats, trying their best to navigate the intricacies of life on Earth after First Contact and striving not to be defeated by the slog of every day realities, when there is so much out there to discover.


“Singing to the Stars” is read in the podcast by Amanda Fitzwater, and the episode includes a lovely introduction by guest host Amy Sturgis. “Singing to the Stars” is presented as part of the Artemis Rising 2 event, a celebration of women and non-binary writers. Visit Escape Pod for the rest of the month to listen to more exciting Artemis Rising stories.