Announcing my story in “Utter Fabrication” with Mad Scientist Journal

I am very happy to announce that my short story “Can’t Be Locked Down” will be appearing as a part of the Utter Fabrication anthology, published by Mad Scientist Journal.


The anthology as a whole deals with haunted or otherwise paranormal structures, from houses to hospitals to anything man made. “Can’t Be Locked Down” goes to the very, very small end of this spectrum. Have you ever wanted to read about a haunted bike rack? Well, now you can!

Find the whole table of contents here and keep your eyes peeled for the release date.


Read “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium” on Mad Scientist Journal

The Winter 2017 edition of Mad Scientist Journal is now available, and with it is the latest tale of Dr. Elizabeth Chu. Read all about her ongoing struggles with her evil overlord in “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium”.


(Art by Luke Spooner.)

Read “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Ice Pick” on Mad Scientist Journal!

Another quarter, another update on the adventures of Dr. Elizabeth Chu and her fellow captives. Read my short story, “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Ice Pick” on Mad Scientist Journal for free, accompanied by lovely art by illustrator Amanda Jones.


“Concerning the Ice Pick” continues the story began in previous installments of Mad Scientists Journal, beginning with “Concerning the Kraken” and continued in “Concerning the Volcano”.

Read “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Volcano” on Mad Scientist Journal

My short story “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Volcano” is now live on Mad Scientist Journal’s website, accompanied by art by Shannon Legler.


Follow the story of captive scientist, Elizabeth Chu, which started last time in “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Kraken”, and learn the subtle but important differences between marine biology and volcanology.

Fundraising for the Night of Writing Dangerously

I have participated in National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) for the past three years, and it has been a wonderful experience every time, whether I managed to complete the challenge or not (my record is currently 2 out of 3). And being fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area, I was able last year to attend the Night of Writing Dangerously, an all-night Nanowrimo event in San Francisco. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in a room with that many writers and that much creative energy, and I would love to be able to repeat that experience this year.

I am currently fundraising for Nanowrimo’s youth writing programs in order to secure my ticket to the Night of Writing Dangerously. If anyone could please consider donating in my name to their cause, I would greatly appreciate the help and the chance to participate again. Any amount is welcome and I would be very grateful. Thank you, and I would love to hear about anyone else’s Nanowrimo experiences!

“Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2016” Now for Sale

The Summer 2016 issue of Mad Scientist Journal is now for sale!


My short story, “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Volcano”, is included in this anthology. It is a continuation of the horrifying adventures in captivity of Dr. Elizabeth Chu, first relayed in the Spring 2016 issue.

The collection is available for purchase on:

13 exceptional science fiction & fantasy short stories

Maria Haskins


It seems I had lots of time to read short fiction this past month, because my shortlist of “great speculative short fiction I read online” is even longer than usual. I’ve tried to keep each list to nine stories, but this month it was impossible, so I went with 13 instead. So many fantastic stories, so many fantastic zines, sites, and writers.

Bearskin, by Angela Slatter at The Dark. Angela Slatter is one of my favourite writers right now, and this short fantasy story is a brilliant showcase of her skills. Dark, lustrous prose, and a tale that weaves together both horror, sadness, and bits of joy. It’s beautiful stuff, and it made me cry: definitely a story that I keep turning over in my mind long after reading it.

All The Colors You Thought Were Kings, by Arkady Martine at Shimmer. This is an astonishing science fiction…

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