Last Chance to support “As Told By Things”!

Today is the last day to back the “As Told By Things” anthology on Kickstarter! If you enjoy original short stories and some out there spec-fic, this is definitely one to take a look at.



Check out “As Told By Things- Unique Short Stories Told by Objects”

Hello all, this is to announce that the Kickstarter for the “As Told By Things” anthology, published by Atthis Arts, is now live! Back this anthology for access to a lot of fascinating stories told from the perspective of inanimate objects, including my own piece, “Start Again”.

Where else are you going to get to read about how a sourdough starter views the world?


Check out the Kickstarter here, as well as Atthis Arts’ other work. I cannot wait to see this anthology come together, and I hope we can all make it a reality.

Announcing the launch of the “Hard as Stone” Anthology, by Circlet Press

(The following post is Not Safe for Work.)

Do you like fantasy dwarves?

Do you like erotica?

Have you ever considered the combination of the two?

The “Hard as Stone: Dwarven Erotica” anthology, published by Circlet Press and edited by Julie Cox, is the perfect place to find this union. It includes my short story “Cave Dwellers”, which should satisfy all of your genderqueer dwarf porn needs.


Check it out and find all sorts of fun things dwelling in caves!

Listen to “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium” now on The Tales of Sage and Savant!

As part of a month-long sponsorship with Mad Scientist Journal, the steampunk podcast “The Tales of Sage and Savant” has recorded and published my short story “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium”.

Listen to this great performance by Eddie Louise, a regular cast member of Sage and Savant, and dive back into the both mad and mundane happenings in the lair of Dr. Von Lupe!


“Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures” Now for Sale!

Good news: the “Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures” anthology, produced by Mad Scientist Journal, is now for sale to the general public.

Edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman, the anthology contains twenty two short stories about haunted or otherwise paranormal structures, including my own story, “Can’t Be Locked Down”.


Check it out, along with previous work by Mad Scientist Journal and DefConOne Publishing.

“No Shit, There I Was” Now Available for Purchase through Alliteration Ink

I am a bit late sharing this news, but the sci-fi anthology “No Shit, There I Was” by Alliteration Ink is now available for purchase for those who missed the Kickstarter. This anthology includes my own short story, “The Former Minion’s Support Group”.


Check it out and enjoy my and several authors’ stories, and lovely interior art by a wide range of artists.

Read “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium” on Mad Scientist Journal

The Winter 2017 edition of Mad Scientist Journal is now available, and with it is the latest tale of Dr. Elizabeth Chu. Read all about her ongoing struggles with her evil overlord in “To Dr. Von Lupe, Concerning the Radium”.


(Art by Luke Spooner.)